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CNC Codes G and M Codes

कोशिश .....An Effort by Ankush Chauhan

How to programme a CNC machine

CNC Represents computer numeric control, in this a machine is controlled by a computer with the help of a part program. CNC machine consistent of a control unit MCU( machine control unit) and a machine tool. MCU is the brain which read the part programs and decodes it to control the machine motion.
Here we provide basic of CNC programming in this chapter we under stand important G and M codes and there uses.
A part program consists of blocks of command in wich we use G and M code
G codes are known as program code and M code are known as machine code . G codes operates the process function and M code operates machine function.
Often used G codes are
G00 for rapid motion
G01 for Linear interpolation
G02 for circular interpolation clockwise
G03 for circular interpolation anti clockwise
G40 for tool nose compensation cancel
G41 for tool nose compencation Left
G42 for tool nose compencation Right
G80 for canned cycle cancel
G81 for drill canned cycle
G84 for tapping canned cycle
G90 for absolute  programming position
G91 for incremental program position

Important M codes

M00 for stop a program
M03 for start spindle clockwise
M04 for start spindle counterclockwise
M05 for stop the spindle
M06 for tool change command
M08 for coolant ON command
M09 for coolant OFF command
M30 for end program and rewind to beginning of program

These are some important G and M codes for CNC programming which we need to know before making a program 



  1. Nice information but Please also tell how to program a machine.

  2. Sure Friend soon I Will post that will too