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भारतीय दर्शन और आधुनिक विज्ञान

कोशिश .....An Effort by Ankush Chauhan भारतीय दर्शन विश्व के प्राचीनतम दर्शनो में से एक है इसमें अनेक वैज्ञानिक सिंद्धान्तो को प्रतिपादि...

Know incredible India

कोशिश .....An Effort by Ankush Chauhan
Visit incredible India

INDIA world's largest democracy, it is seven largest country by area and second most populous country in the world. administration in India is divided in to 29 states and 7 union territories. culture , language, food and living is different in every part of India. . and many language are spoken  in INDIA . Hindi, English , Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Kannada, Gujarati, Odia, Malayalam are the major spoken language in India.
tourist place in India
State  wise Place to visit and major spoken language is as follows -
1. Delhi -

 language-  Hindi, English, Panjabi, Urdu
Place to visit - the Red Fourt, India Gate, Qutub minar, Lotus temple ,akshardham, janter manter and many more

2.Andhra Pradesh

Language - telugu
Place to visit- Venkateswara temple , nagarjun sagar  dam,belum cave, mallikarjun jyotrlinga,and many more

3.Arunachal Pardesh

Langauge-Nyishi,Adi,Bengali, Hindi, nepali etc 
Place to visit- Parshuram kund, Pangsau Pass,Namdapha National park and many more

Language- Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, Bodo
Place to visit- Kaziranga National Park,  Kamakhya Temple and many more


Language -hindi, bhojpuri, urdu
Place to visit-bodh gaya, Monuments of Darbhanga,ancient city of Vaishali , Vikramshila Monastery , mahabodhib temple and many more

6. Chhattisgarh 

Language -hindi, odia
Place to visit-Chirkut Fall,teerathghar fall, Bhoramdeo Temple and many more

7. Goa

Language- Konkani, marathi,Kannada,Hindi
Place to visit-Dudhsagar Falls,Fort Aguada,Chapora Beach, Calangute Beach and many beach and many more

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