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Register to VOTE

India is the largest democracy in the world. The beauty of this democracy is that every citizen above 18 year has right to Vote to choose the government for the country. It is our duty to choose best person for our nation so that the best policies are made which leads India to a developed nation. India is young nation so it is duty of every youth to vote for good governance but only 1 of 3 youth have voted.
According to the research from Election Commission of India and independent studies, a large part of youth non-voters is attributable to two reasons, either youth  1) are unregistered or 2) are registered but have shifted in some other location for search of better education or employment opportunities   So first of all we need to register our self for vote

There are two methods to register for vote

 Online method

Election commission of India now allows eligible voter to register online as a Voter. First of all you need to have a valid mobile no to register. Than go to website of election commission and click on logo Enroll now become a voter. (Or click here)The website will ask for your mobile number. After providing the mobile number you will receive a verification code on your mobile. Submit the verification code to proceed with the voter registration method. Select the "Fill your application form for inclusion" on the page. 
As soon as the Electoral Registration Officer / Assistant Electoral Registration Officer receive Form 6 filed on line, he downloads the form along with enclosure and deputes Booth Level Officer to visit your residence to verify and obtain your original signature on the application form. Some states like Maharashtra still require the documents to be submitted in person after you register online. But in places like Delhi and Andhra Pradesh you can only apply online

Offline method

For inclusion of your name in the Voter List fill up Form 6 and submit it to the ERO (Election Registration Officer)
or in simple words to get your name added to the Voter list, fill up Form 6 and submit it to the ERO

Please attach 2 photographs to the Form 6 along with the proof of the Ordinary residence. Applicants between the age of 18 and 21 years are required to attach the proof of age.

You can search for your name in voter list by going to the search page of Election commission site. 
(or click here)

Forms For General Electors click on form No. for downloading 

Forms English
Forms Hindi
Forms Details
Application for inclusion of name in electoral roll
Application for objecting inclusion or seeking deletion of name in electoral roll
Application for correction to particulars entered in electoral roll
Application for transposition of entry in electoral roll
Application For New Registration of Electors at the time of Enumeration (house to house verification) when enumerator finds the house repeatedly locked.
Appointment of Proxy by classified service voter to give vote/Revocation of appointment of proxy or Appointment of substitute proxy by classified service voter to give vote.

Documents required-:

1. Age Proof
If you are under 25 years or a first time voter, you need to submit an age proof document, which could be any of the following documents:

* Birth Certificate 

* Driving License
* State board exam certificate 
* PAN Card
* Adhaar
2. Address Proof
To prove that you have been living in your current address for the last 6 months, you can attach any of the following documents as an address proof:

· Landline Phone Bill

· Property Tax receipt
· Mobile Telephone Bill
· Bank Statement
· Water Bill
· Passport
· Electricity Bill
· Ration Card
· House Lease/Rental Agreement
· LPG Receipt
· Driving License
· Identity cards given by the employer 

For students: If you are a student residing outside your native city in a hostel, you might not have any of these address proof documents. But you can use a letter signed by your college Dean/Principal/Registrar and submit it along with your voter registration form (a Student Declaration Form).

Now what are you waiting for? Register yourself to vote and give your contribution to build the nation. Don’t forget to vote for the good governance .Take you responsibility to make India better. Remember every single vote counts.  
To search your name in voter list (click here)


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