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Program format for CNC Program (Fanuc Control)

कोशिश .....An Effort by Ankush Chauhan

Program format for CNC Program (Fanuc Control)

Program is an important part of a CNC machine. it carries a special sequence of letters and number which carries instruction to be followed to perform desired operation a specific function is done through these letters and this is called address. A combination of letter and number is written in a specific sequence for desired operation by these lines’ instruction is to be given to the machine these lines are called block.

EG. G01 X 42 Z25 F80 ;

A program carries many numbers of block to perform required operation on the job . different component of a program are as follow

Block format –

The block which are prepared in a program is as under

N                      G                        X_Y_Z_R             F                             T                M              ;

Block                       Preparatory           Dimension word                  Feed                   spindle          tool               machine           End

Sequence               function                                                               Function            speed            function        function              of

 number                                                                                                                                                                                            block                                                                                           


O- Program number

    O latter is used to give specific number to a program on Fanuc control. a four-digit number followed by letter O is given to each program so that the program can be opened when it is required

N- block sequence number

in a program the movement of a tool is shown by a line which is called block , continuous numbers are given followed by letter N , these block number are given in ascending order these number can be given from 1 to 9999.

G – Codes

These codes are used for tool movement to perform all kind of tool function. the coordinates of X, Y, Z axis are given in front of G code . for different tool movement different G cods are used

X, Y, Z - tool movement

X, Y and Z letter are used for the movement of tool .the tool movement on each axis is given by numeric value of each axis after these letters

F- Feed

On CNC machine, the letter F is used to give feed to tool. The feed is given by two types as mm/min and mm/rev.

S-spindle speed

the letter S is used to give spindle speed which is given to the spindle of CNC machine. the RPM of spindle is given in front of S letter eg. S400

S- Cutting speed

If G96 code is used in program , cutting speed is given in front of this G96 code followed by letter S . if cutting speed is given, spindle speed will change automatically as per surface diameter of job  Eg - S50

T- Tool Number

Many tools are used to perform a complete operation on a job in CNC these tools are hold on turret head , these tool in the turret are given some number according to their position in the turret, T letter is used to call these tool according to operation.

EX. T0506

M- Miscellaneous function

M code are used for all function expect tool movement only one M code can be used in one block

EOB- End Of Block 
as a number is given to start a block at the beginning , end of block sign is used at the end of each block to separate each block

Ex. ;

hope this will help you to understand the program format ask you query in comment 

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